Will the new pedestrian bridge connect the shores of Moscow river?

  • access_time19 December, 2018

It is planned to connect the territory of the former factory "Red October", which is now the business and entertainment center, with Krimskaya embankment through the new pedestrian bridge. Nevertheless, the date of the construction is still open, even though the discussion has started several years ago.

Earlier, in 2014, Sergey Kuznetsov, the main architect of Moscow, said that the new bridge will allow stretching the pedestrian area, which is now interrupted by the traffic of the Yakimanskaya embankment. All the monetary aspects have been regulated, along with the preparation of the bridge project.

The design of the new bridge has been entrusted to the famous architect in the field of bridge construction Mike Schlaich. Mike Schlaich is the partner of the Schleich Bergemann partner agency of the independent consulting engineers, who work with consideration of the social dimensions, aiming to construct a lightweight, efficient and innovative structures and the author of several outstanding bridges projects.

Sergey Kuznetsov, sincerely hopes that this project will be realized soon. The concept and the plan of the new pedestrian bridge connecting the "Red October" space and the monument to Peter the Great are already prepared, but the administrative issues with the rules of the land use prevent it from being implemented. Nonetheless, despite all the issues Kuznetsov is confident that this project should be realized, and it is highly anticipated by muscovites and government alike.