The River Carnival in St. Petersburg

  • access_time9 July, 2019

On 7th of July, the annual River Carnival has been held in St. Petersburg. This year's event has been dedicated to the Year of Theatre in Russia.

The date of the event has been selected to coincide with the day of the "River and Marine Fleet Workers". The teams from 18 districts in St. Petersburg have performed at the River Carnival. Each performance has been carefully prepared under the supervision of the professional stage director.

The rainy weather of the previous days has been followed by sunny and warm weather during the River Carnival. The parents with kids who have traveled to the city especially for this occasion has been more than delighted. The performances have been diverse and eventful. One of the districts has prepared the ballet performance on the deck of the ship, while the others arranged the capture of the ship by pirates.

The river parade of the ships has been completed with the concerts' program on several stages, and the photo session in the theatre costumes.