The next generation Cruise Liner by "Vodohod" Cruise Company

  • access_time6 March, 2019

The project of the next generation Cruise Liner PV300 is estimated to be completed in October this year. The "Vodohod" company has requested this project from the plant of the Nizhniy Novgorod PAO "Krasnoe Sormovo".

Now the ship is ready by 40% and is planned to be delivered on the water in August. The plant "Krasnoe Sormovo", during its long history, has constructed 105 passenger ships. Such ships as electrically-driven motor ships "Lenin" and "Soviet Union" are ranked at the top of the construction line of the plant. They were developed by the design engineering bureau under the supervision of the Vladislav Kerichev and were put into operation in 1958 - 1959.

The project PV300 is the Cruise Liner of the next generation, which can operate equally in rivers and the sea. Its length is 141 meters, width 16,8 meters, with a total number of passengers 342 people and with crew totaling to 144 members. An average speed of the ship is 22,5 km per hour. The ship class M-Pr 3,0 (led 30) allows to use it in the sea and the shore areas, also in the Ladoga and Onega lakes with the wave hight up to 3 meters. The average size of the cabins is 19 sq. m. The ship will also have Suites and Semi-suites with a size of 30 sqm. The St. Petersburg's Design Bureau "Marine Engineering" is the company in charge of the development of the project PV300.

The new liner will target primarily the foreign customer groups and will follow the route from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The company considers that this project will attract new customer groups, who have not been considering River Cruises earlier, due to the lack of the cruise ships of the appropriate class.