The Lake Baikal Cruise

  • access_time3 October, 2018

We would like to introduce you our new Lake Baikal Cruise. Within the tour, we have done our best to find the perfect combination of the land and offshore programs. Throughout the journey, you will be able to see all the major sites of the local ethnic, cultural, historical and natural heritage of the area.

Every cruise over the Lake Baikal is an inspiring journey that gives the feeling of excitement from getting closer to the true spirit of the Lake. To see the Lake from the shore and to see the scapes from the surface are two completely different feelings. The crystal clear water, the pure and unique nature are all there surrounding you, during your journey on water, while the shore program getting you closer to the daily life of the local inhabitants.

Before you will board the ship, several days will be spent on land in the major towns of the region. The tour begins in Irkutsk, in the city that was founded in 1661. You will start your journey into the livelihood of the Eastern Siberia region, with the sceneries of the Lower Embankment, the Square of Three Churches and Znamensky Monastery, and with the classical music concert at the Museum of Decembrists.

The following days you will see the diversity and richness of the regional culture and traditions. The visit to the Burjat village and Buddhist temple will allow you to glimpse into the ethnic traditions and folklore of Buryat people. While the next day, in Taltsy museum you will see the reconstruction of the dwellings settlements from 16th to the 20th century.

The next five days are fully dedicated to the islands and bays of the Lake Baikal. You will cruise through the water, moor at the bays, walk the picturesque scapes and drive through the off-road to the Khoboy Cape at the Olkhon Island. The Kadilnaya Valley, the Ogoy and Olkhon Islands, Malie Ushkaniy Islands, Zmeinaya Bay, and Akademicheskaya Bay will be opening up to you as the tour unfolds.

This miraculous journey, which you will make during the 9 days, will stay in your memory for many years. We are welcoming you to discover the Baikal Lake and East Siberian culture together with us.