River Buses in Moscow

  • access_time29 April, 2011

Take a river bus in Moscow.

When sightseeing in Moscow you are likely to run into one problem, traffic jams! An alternative to taking a bus tour around the city is to take a river bus to see many of the main attractions.

Water transportation in Moscow isn't very developed, so it's really just more of an attraction as opposed to an alternative way of traveling from one part of the city to another. However, during the summer a tour on one of the ten different routes offered by the river buses can be a great way to relax and enjoy the city.

Tickets for river buses can be bought on all Moscow River piers, in the park of Moscow Northern Riverside station and booked online or by phone from the water carrier's website. The price for a ticket will cost 400 rubles ($14.62) for adults and 150 rubles ($5.48) for students.

This is becoming a more and more popular attraction in Moscow, last year the river buses transported about a million people between April, 9 and October, 11.

So next time you're in Moscow, remember you have the option of taking a river cruise also!