"Mosturflot" Cruise Ships to host Art Exhibition on Board

  • access_time18 June, 2019

As part of the project "Brush Stroke", the cruise ships "Nikolai Karamzin" and "Michail Bulgakov" will host the exhibitions dedicated to the paintings of Ilya Repin and Isaac Levitan.

At the beginning of July, the traveling displays of replicas from the paintings of Ilya Repin will open on board of the "Nikolai Karamzin" cruise ship, and exhibition of replicas from artworks by Isaac Levitan will be open on a cruise ship "Michail Bulgakov".

During the cruise, passengers, on one of the days, would be able to explore artists' replicas prepared by a current member of the Academy of Arts, a board member of the Moscow Union of Artists, the member of the International Art Fund and Creative Union "Blagodarenie" Yriy Nikolaevich Popkov and his creative team.

The cruise ships' passengers will be able to see the most well-known works by artists, as well as to get familiar with less known facts from the creative biography of the great Russian artists.