Giant Matryoshka Dolls

  • access_time27 May, 2011

Rare exhibit of giant Russian Matryoshka dolls!

On Tuesday May 24, a rare Matryoshka doll display opened in Moscow’s AFIMALL City shopping center.

Each of the 6 to 13-meter-tall installations, which were displayed during the 2010 Russian National Exhibition in Paris, are shaped like a Matryoshka, the famous nesting doll that has come to symbolize Russian culture.

Each Matryoshka design uses regional traditions such as those from Khokhloma, Gorodets and Mezen for painting on wood. They incorporate the northern Russian tradition of birch bark weaving and the miniature lacquer painting technique from Fedoskino, Mstyora, Kholui, and Palekh. They feature ornamental painting from Zhostovo and Dymkovo, blue and white Gzhel patterns, and Vologda lace.

The Matryoshka dolls are beautiful and enormous in size. But the dolls were not just designed to be beautiful, they tell a story.

Each genre of traditional folk art the artists chose when decorating their works has its own unique history reflecting the old masters’ vision of the world and beauty.

This is the first time that the ancient nesting dolls have been replicated on such a large scale.

The skill involved in creating such Matryoshka dolls is impressive. Each doll was handmade by a team of over 15 artists and craftsmen. The artists soaked the wood in water to help them achieve the exact curves they needed.

This exhibition is a must see if you have the opportunity!