Canal Tour in St. Petersburg

  • access_time12 May, 2011

The Venice of the North - the canals of St. Petersburg!

A great way to get a new perspective of St. Petersburg is take a boat cruise through the canals and rivers throughout the city. From water level you will be even more struck my the amazingly beautiful architecture of St. Petersburg comprised of palaces, cathedrals, and so on.

St. Petersburg is also known as the Venice of the North. The city was built on the delta of the Neva River and is composed of several islands connected by canals and bridges. At night the bridges on the Neva go up to allow ships to pass.

During the summer in St. Petersburg tours along the canals are very popular and rather inexpensive. There are several routes, so if you're up for it you can take multiple boat tours around the canals. The routes go through the historical part of the city center, as well assome parts of the city that you might not normally see by foot.

The combination of water and the beautiful scenery create a special charm.

Be sure to take a boat tour on the canals of St. Petersburg when you visit!