At the pier of the Volga river. The navigation season has started.

  • access_time30 April, 2019
The festive welcoming of the first Cruise ship took place in Kostroma past weekend. The arrival of the "Dmitriy Furmanov" ship has been met by the representatives of the large tour agencies, the city's authorities and a team of the professional guides. The welcome ceremony took place at the Ostrovskiy pavilion, next to the river pier.
The gem of the ceremony became the performance of folk singing and dancing ensemble "Volga-Volga". The artists performed the song about Kostroma and shared with guests the history of the city and told about the main attractions of the city.
Further on, the ladies and gentlemen, dressed in the suits of the 19th century, have invited guests to perform a dance of the toe-tapping quadrille. The dance performance has been staged on music for the theater play "Marriage of Balzaminov". The visitors have enjoyed the performance, applauded and made photos with dancers and artists. The artists have been extremely delighted for the gracious response from the public.
One of the passengers has commented, that it has been her second river cruise, but this is the first time when she has been so warmly welcomed. She has added that she has been very happy that at the Kostroma authorities have revived such tradition.
For the delight of the passengers of the first cruise ships, quite a number of Russian regions have prepared special welcoming events and festive activities.