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26 Mar 2014 | The Valaam Island

The Valaam Island

The Island of Valaam is a sacred spiritual place in the heart of Ladoga Lake. This Island is 9.6 km length and 7.8 km wide. Nature of this place is not disturbed by noisy cars or plants. In the 1843 the steamship service started operating between main land and the island, since then the charm of this place has never stopped attracting people.

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12 Dec 2013 | The longest Cruise Liner ever hosted in St. Petersburg

The longest Cruise Liner ever hosted in St. Petersburg

In may 2014, the Royal Princess Cruise Liner will visit North Capital of Russia. It's length from bow to stern is 330 meters, and it will be the longest Liner ever hosted in St. Petersburg.

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22 Aug 2013 | Russian Flag Day

Russian Flag Day

Today Russia celebrates National Flag Day, which was created on Aug. 22nd 1994 by former president Boris Yeltsin.

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12 Jul 2013 | Jet Ski Competition in St. Petersburg

Jet Ski Competition in St. Petersburg

Last weekend jet ski racers and stuntmen were in the city center of St. Petersburg performing tricks and racing around the Neva River.

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28 May 2013 | Russian Choir Sets Record

Russian Choir Sets Record

A Russian choir set a record this past weekend in St. Petersburg during celebrations for the city's 310th birthday. The choir consisted of over 4,000 members.

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25 Mar 2013 | EasyJet Opens UK to Moscow Flight

EasyJet Opens UK to Moscow Flight

The cost of a plane ticket between Moscow and London just got a lot cheaper. EasyJet has begun daily flights between London's Gatwick airport and Moscow's Domodedovo.

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25 Feb 2013 | Russian Wildlife Exhibition

Russian Wildlife Exhibition

The Loft Project Etagi in St. Petersburg is currently hosting the Zolotaya Cherepakha (The Golden Turtle) photo exhibition featuring 160 photographs of wild life from 59 countries around the world.

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25 Jan 2013 | Vysotsky's 75th Birthday

Vysotsky's 75th Birthday

Russian rock icon Vladimir Vysotsky would be celebrating his 75th birthday today if he was still alive. In many ways he is still alive, Russians adore him and celebrate his life!

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23 Nov 2012 | Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market

The famous Strasbourg Christmas market is coming to Moscow's Red Square this year! The market will open on Red Square on Dec. 24th and run through the Orthodox Christmas which is celebrated on Jan. 7th.

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26 Oct 2012 | EasyJet Route Moscow-London

EasyJet Route Moscow-London

After last week's announcement that Russia is considering foreign low-cost airlines as a solution to the high cost of air travel in Russia, EasyJet has announced that it has run the right to operate a new route between Moscow and London in 2013.

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1 Oct 2012 | Russia vs USA

Russia vs USA

The USA and Russia will play a friendly football match November 14th in the southern city of Krasnador in Russia!

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14 Sep 2012 | Street Art

Street Art

A street art exhibition has opened at the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibition is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Russia's victory over Napoleon in the War of 1812.

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23 Aug 2012 | Outhouse Museums

Outhouse Museums

The Russian city of Izhevsk has turned some porta potties into museums. The outdoor toilets typically seen at concerts or construction sites have been transformed into miniature museums decorated with works by local artists.

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24 Jul 2012 | Sand Castle Festival

Sand Castle Festival

The annual summer Sand Scuplture Festival has opened in St. Petersburg this past weekend. The festival can been seen on the beach of ther Peter and Paul Fortress until Aug. 31st.

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13 Jul 2012 | Hovercraft Ferries in Moscow

Hovercraft Ferries in Moscow

The Moscow authorities are planning a hovercraft ferry service for the city to help relieve the notoriously congested streets. The hovercraft ferries will be able to operate on water, ice, and snow, making them capable of year round operation.

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