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Cruise: Yalta - Kiev (13 days 12 nights)

Take an incredible voyage along the Dnieper River starting in wonderfull Yalta that was Soviet elite resort on the Black Sea and ending in the colourful city Kiev. Take advantage of exploring Odessa, the major seaport located on the northwest shore of the Black Sea. Relax on the sundeck of our river boat as the tranquil Ukrainian landscape passes by. Visit the Cossack stronghold of Zaporizhia and learn the fascinating history of the region and its people. Visit Kiev, the beautiful capital of the Ukraine where you will see medieval cathedrals and monasteries and learn about Ukrainian and Russian history. Enjoy local and International cuisine on our all-inclusive cruise.

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Day 1 Yalta
River Cruises Russia

River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Welcome to Yalta! One of our drivers will meet you at the airport or the train station and take you by comfortable car to the hotel in Yalta. Tonight you will have dinner at the hotel and can get settled and relax after your journey to Yalta.

Yalta: Yalta is a resort city in Crimea. The existence of Yalta was first recorded in the 12th century by an Arab geographer, who described it as a Byzantine port and fishing settlement. It became part of a network of Genoese trading colonies on the Crimean coast in the 14th century, when it was known as Etalita or Galita. Crimea was captured by the Ottoman Empire in 1475, which made it a semi-independent subject territory under the rule of the Crimean Khanate but the southern coast with Yalta was under direct ottoman rule forming the Eyalet of Kefe (Feodosiya). Yalta was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1783, along with the rest of Crimea, sparking the Russo-Turkish War, 1787-1792. Prior to the annexation of the Crimea, the Crimean Greeks were moved to Mariupol in 1778; one of the villages they established nearby is also called Yalta. In the 19th century, the town became a fashionable resort for the Russian aristocracy and gentry. During the 20th century Yalta was the principal holiday resort of the Soviet Union. In 1920, Vladimir Lenin issued a decree "On the Use of Crimea for the Medical Treatment of the Working People" which endorsed the region's transformation from a fairly exclusive resort area into a recreation facility for tired proletarians. Numerous workers' sanatoria were constructed in and around Yalta. There were, in fact, few other places that Soviet citizens could come for a seaside holiday, as foreign travel was forbidden to all but a handful. The Soviet elite also came to Yalta; the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin used the Massandra Palace as his summer residence. Yalta has a beautiful embankment along the Black Sea. People can be seen strolling there all seasons of the year, and it also serves as a place to gather and talk, to see and be seen.

Day 2 Yalta
River Cruises Russia

River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today you will be taken on a city tour to become acquainted with Yalta. You will see the Livadia Palace a summer retreat of the last Russian tsar, Nicholas II, and his family in Livadiya, Crimea in southern Ukraine. The Yalta Conference was held there in 1945, when the palace housed the apartments of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and other members of the American delegation. Today the palace houses a museum, but it is sometimes used by the Ukrainian authorities for international summits. The palace contains 116 rooms, with interiors furnished in different styles. There are a Pompeian vestibule, an English billiard-room, a Neo-baroque dining room, and a Jacob-style study of maple wood, which elicited particular admiration of Nicholas II.

Optional excursion: Tour to Nikitsky Botanical Garden or Tour to Chekhov’s museum .

Breakfast and dinner are included.

Day 3 Yalta
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today you have day free. You can explore the city on your own or order optional excursions.

Optional excursion: City tour of Sevastopol or City tour of Sevastopol with trip to Bakhchissarai.

Breakfast and dinner are included.

Day 4 Yalta - Mykolaiv
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia After breakfast you will be taken to Mykolaiv (400 km, app. 6 hours) where you will embark the ship. Mykolaiv is a city in southern Ukraine, administrative center of the Mykolaiv Oblast. Mykolaiv is the main ship building center of the Black Sea, and, arguably, the whole Eastern Europe.

Lunch, dinner and Captain's Cocktail will be served on board.

Day 5 Mykolaiv - Odessa
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today you will be taken on a city tour to become acquainted with the city’s many places of interest and later taken to a lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon you will have free time to explore the city on your own and do shopping.

The area that is now Odessa was first settled by the Tatars in 1240. In 1529 it became part of the Ottoman Empire but was annexed by Russia after the Russo-Turkish War of 1792. Officially the city of Odessa was founded by the decree of Catherine the Great in 1794. In the 19th century, Odessa was the fourth largest city of Imperial Russia after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw. Its historical architecture has a style more Mediterranean than Russian, having been heavily influenced by French and Italian styles. The city has always had a very diverse population and a more Western and cosmopolitan feel to it than many other cities in the former Russian Empire. The city was home to many different nationalities including Albanians, Armenians, Bulgarians, French, Germans, Greeks, Italians, Poles, Romanians, Russians and had a very large Jewish population. In 1897 the Jewish population was estimated as being 37%. Jewish life in Odessa was the subject of Isaak Babel’s famous “Odessa Stories”. The city was also made famous by the 1905 uprising by workers supported by the Russian battleship Potemkin. Sergei Eisenstein’s famous motion picture The Battleship Potemkin commemorated the uprising. The city was also home to fierce fighting and a vibrant partisan movement during WWII.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Day 6 Kherson
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today you will be taken on a city tour of Kherson. It is the administrative center of the Kherson Oblast (province), and is designated as its own separate district within the oblast. Kherson is an important port on the Black Sea and Dnieper River, and the home of a major ship-building industry.

Optional optional: boat trip to the Dnieper Delta.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Day 7 Zaporozhye
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today we will take a city tour of Zaporozhye. The city is famous for its connection to the Cossacks. From the fifteenth through the seventeenth centuries the area was famous for the Cossack’s fortress Zaporizhian Sich located on the Island of Khortytsia.

Optional excursion: Cossack Horse Show.

Day 8 Dnepropetrovsk
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Dnepropetrovsk is Ukraine's third largest city with one million inhabitants. You will be taken on a city tour. While there is no longer a compact "old town" in Dnepropetrovsk, there are still many surviving buildings of historical interest. Many of them, especially churches, were unfortunately destroyed during World War II and Stalin's reign of terror in the 1930s. A few areas still retain their historical character: all of Central Avenue, some street-blocks on the main hill (the Nagorna part) between Pushkin Prospekt and the Embankment, and sections near Globa (formerly known as Chkalov Park) and Shevchenko parks have been untouched for 150 years.

Optional tour: visit to the aerospace museum.

Day 9 Kremenchug
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia After breakfast we will arrive in Kremenchug an important Ukrainian city on the route to the Black Sea. Kremenchug was founded in 1571 and very quickly became an important trading post due to its advantageous positioning on the crossway from Muscovy to the Black Sea. By 1655 it was already a wealthy Cossack town.

Our time in Kremenchug will be spent on a visit to a typical Ukrainian village.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Day 10 Kaniv
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today you will have a visit to Shevchenko museum of the Cherkasy Oblast. The Cherkasy oblast is the 18th largest oblast of Ukraine, comprising about 3.5% of the area of the country. The south flowing Dnieper River with the hilly western bank and the plain eastern bank divides the oblast into two unequal parts. The larger western part belongs to the Dnieper Upland. The low-lying eastern part of the oblast used to be subject to the frequent Dnieper flooding before the flow of the river became controlled by multiple dams of Hydroelectric Power Plants constructed along the river in the 20th century. The Cherkasy Oblast was created as part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on January 7, 1954. The oblast's territory was the major cities of Cherkasy, Smila and Uman, their corresponding raions (districts), as well as 30 former raions of the Vinnytsia, Kiev, Kirovohrad and Poltava Oblasts. Archaeological discoveries, have shown that people have inhabited the valley of the Dnieper (Dnipro) River since the times immemorial. The oldest objects excavated on the territory of the region date back to the Stone Age – the Palaeolithic period.

Optional tour: Visit to museum of local history (rates TBA onboard).

Day 11 Kiev
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Today you will be taken on a city tour to become acquainted with Kiev. Places of interest that you will see are Kontraktova Square, Kiev’s most famous thoroughfare Kreschatyk Street, Independence Square, Mykhaylovsky Monastery, the monument to Princess Olga, Starokyivska Hill, the Golden Gates, the Opera Theater, the embankment of the Dnieper river, monument to Apostle Andrew, and Pochtovaya Square.

Optional excursion: Visit to St. Sophia’s Cathedral boat trip “Kyiv by Night” with professional folk show.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Day 12 Kiev
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia Kiev is a major administrative, cultural and scientific centre of the country. Kiev is home to some 40 different museums. It is said that one can walk from one end of Kiev to the other in the summertime without leaving the shade of its many trees. Most characteristic are the horse-chestnuts. Kiev is known as a green city with two botanical gardens and numerous large and small parks. The World War II Museum is located here, which offers both indoor and outdoor displays of military history and equipment surrounded by verdant hills overlooking the Dnieper river.

This day is free for your to explore the city.

In the evening, you will attend the Captain’s Dinner and enjoy the crew show.

Optional tour: Trip to Open Air Museum; Visit to Kyiv Cave Monastery; Ukrainian National Choir performance.

Day 13 Kiev
River Cruises Russia

travel Russia On the last day of your cruise you will say goodbye to Ukraine, your ship’s crew and the many new friends we are sure you will have met during your time with us. We are sure that your memories of the trip will last a lifetime and we look forward to welcoming you to Ukraine sometime in the future. Our driver will meet you at the ship and take you to the airport to see you off.

Prices, per person:

Our prices are fixed in EUR as well as your order total price and payment balance. Any amounts in other currencies used for payments and informational purposes are calculated based on the current exchange rate. Any amounts in other currencies used for payments and informational purposes are calculated based on the current exchange rate. This includes all partial payments and your payment balance.
Rostropovich 5* vessel has more cabin categories than those listed on site. In the price table, you see the least expensive cabin for each deck.

Dates Ship Lower Deck Cabin Main Deck Cabin Middle Deck Cabin



* 8 excursions
* coffee station in bar (daily from 6 am till breakfast served in thermoses with grained coffee, prepared in the kitchen)
* 4 times meals on board (breakfast, lunch, 5 o’clock tea with cookies, dinner)
* Captain’s farewell dinner with a glass of sparkling wine or juice or vodka
* water pitcher (all meals)
* all land guides (English/ French/Spanish)
* on board lectures: history of Ukraine, Ukraine today, history of Ukrainian Cossacks, religion in Ukraine, customs and traditions of Ukraine
* on board events: Ukrainian language lesson or Ukrainian cuisine lesson
* Captain’s cocktail, Cossack games show, different musical parties, dance tournament, black and white party, Ukrainian national costumes show and farewell Captain’s dinner
* live music in the bar every evening


* International airfare. However, we can offer you extremely inexpensive flights to Russia through our discount airfare booking engine. Please click here to learn more.
* All additional excursions by itinerary
* Insurance
* Tips


20% – at booking
80% – 60 days prior the sailing date


children of 0-2 years old can travel free of charge if accommodating without extra berth
children of 2-12 years old are provided with a 30% discount (3rd berth in the cabin)
3rd berth in a triple cabin is provided with a 30% discount
single supplement in a twin cabin implies 80% surcharge
The discounts don’t sum up.


up to 60 days before embarkation – 20% of the tour price
59-30 days before embarkation – 50% of the tour price
29-16 days before embarkation – 80% of the tour price
Less than 15 days before embarkation - 100% of the tour price
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