Vysotsky's 75th Birthday

  • access_time25 January, 2013

Russians Commemorate Vysotsky's 75th Birthday

During the Soviet Union Vysotsky's records were passed by hand around Russia underground as his music wasn't approved by the Communist party. Today, more than 30 years since Vysotsky's death in 1980, Russians still crowd concerts and movie theatres to commemorate his life.

Vysotsky was only officially recognized as a theatre and cinema actor, but when one of his performing friends ask to record him Vysotsky agreed. The cassette was then passed around and around making Vystosky a star of the underground music world.

The impact left on Russian culture by Vysotsky is still felt today. He became famous throughout the world as singer, songwriter and poet mainly for his unique singing style and lyrics featuring social and political debates in a humorours street jargon.

Bysotsky died in 1980, at the young age of 42, but today his life is celebrated on what would have been his 75th birthday.