The ship has substituted the burnt hotel on the Valaam Island

  • access_time24 June, 2016

The double-decked ship "Admiral Kuznetsov" has docked at the cove of the Valaam Monastery. The ship is now being used as a temporary floating hotel for pilgrims. On may 1st the fire has destroyed Monastery's inn "Zimnyaya" and visitors were left without a shelter. The hotel building was seriously damaged during the fire and repair work would require sufficient investment. 

The ship was brought to provide necessary accomodation during the navigation season, and will stay at the cove till september-october. The ship was urgently requested from Yaroslavl. The river services were creating the green corridor along the route in order to ensure the smooth and fast passing of the ship to the Valaam Island.
The size of the bay was too narrow for the ship of such scale as the motorship "Admiral Kuznetsov". The extra assistance of two tugs was neccessary in order to bring the ship through the bay curves to the dock. The tug "Alexander Nevsky" was guiding the bow of the ship, and tug "Saint Nicholas" has led the stern. On the way to the Monastery, workers were preparing the cabins: cleaning and repairing, and on shore all necessary utility connections were arranged. As soon as the ship has moored, it was ready to accomodate first pilgrims.