The Passenger port of St. Petersburg "Marine Facade" has hosted 247 cruise ships

  • access_time20 December, 2017
The passenger port "Marine Facade" has increased the number of the hosted cruise ships by one fourth. In total, during 2017, the port has served 247 cruise ships and 2 ferries. According to the preliminary data, this year, the overall flow of passengers have exceeded 562 thousand people, which is 19% more than during navigation period of 2016.
Among the incoming tourists, the port services have calculated 180 countries. The majority of foreign visitors are originating from Germany, USA and United Kingdom. During the season, the port's dock was completely full more than 30 times; the port has been hosting from 7 to 9 ships simultaneously.
The port's authorities are expecting further growth of the mooring ships and increase in the number of passengers during the next season.