Outhouse Museums

  • access_time23 August, 2012

Toilet Musuems in Izhevsk

The Russian city of Izhevsk has taken culture to a whole other level by turning porta potties into mini-museums. The city has transformed several toilets into musuems decorated with works by local artists.

The project is only in its early stages, with plans to add more and more such toilet museums in the coming weeks. Currently the toilets are decorated with leading local artists, however works by contemporary Russian artists will be on display.

Local authorities from Izhevsk have said they are seeking a "creative transformation of public toilets." The public toilet musuems charge the typical 10 rubles ($0.32) entrance fee.

Going to the toilet in Izhevsk may be a bit more plesant than you were expecting, exposing you to some local culture that you weren't expecting!