Hovercraft Ferries in Moscow

  • access_time13 July, 2012

Moscow could soon get a new form of public transportation!

The Moscow authorities are planning to launch a hovercraft ferry service along the rivers and canals to help relieve the notoriously congested streets and metro. Driving on the Mosocw roadways or taking the metro at rush hour can be very uncomfortable as they are crowded with people and traffic jams.

The Moscow Department of Transportation said that the ferry service will supplement the current transportation system year round, as the hovercrafts are capable of traveling on water, snow and ice. In addition, the department said that the project would not require a massive investment.

The new hovercraft service will be especially useful for commuters from the suburbs of Moscow, as the waterways are typically unclogged and the hovercraft can travel at 70 KPH.

It is not clear when the hovercrafts will be launched, but the authorities are shooting for this summer. Estimates are that they will hold 50 people and cost around $6.