EasyJet Route Moscow-London

  • access_time26 October, 2012

EasyJet will open a new route between Moscow and London in 2013!

After last week's announcement that Russia is considering foreign low cost airlines as a solution to the thigh cost Russian airline market, EasyJet announced this week that they have won the right to operate a new route between London and Moscow in 2013!

Iain Osborne, the British aviation authority's director of regulatory policy, said that EasyJet was chosen due to it's ability to to introduce someing distinctly different into the market by providing dynamic fare benefits to customers.

The Financial Times reported EasyJet's chief executive Carolyn McCall as saying that tickets on the new route will cost no more than £125 ($200) for the first three years of the service. This is significantly lower than the current market average for ticket prices on the Moscow to London route.

The current plan is to start two flights a day from London's Gatwick airport in the spring.