Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition

  • access_time3 October, 2011

Da Vinci - The Genius Exhibition on display in St. Petersburg!

As part of th Russia and Italy cross cultural year, the Leonardo Da Vinci The Genius exhibition has made it's way to St. Petersburg, showcasing a wide array of the masterful works of the genius himself.

The Da Vinci - The Genius exhibition has been traveling the world for 10 years celebrating the life of Da Vinci and attempting to reveal the mysteries of his coded works, inventions, ideas, and philosophies. 

The Genius Exhibition is on display at the Military History Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps in St. Petersburg. The display presents 120 objects by the Renaissance master.

The exhibition does not display many original Da Vinci artifacts, as he never actually created many of the designs he produced. Instead the exhibition looks at his designs to try and understand the exploration into the diversity of ideas and concepts that circled the great mind of Da Vinci.

Don't  be fooled, the exhibition has many interesting and exciting displays, including a high definition recration of The Last Summer at actual size, as well as 3D animations representing the Sforza Horse, Mona Lisa, and Vitruvian Man. The exhibitoin also incudles the world exclusive Secrets of Mona Lisa, a work produced by Pascal Cotte. Plus many more exciting and insightful displays.