Cheap Tickets to Musicals in Moscow

  • access_time27 April, 2012

Broadway style shows in Moscow now available for half price!

The Moscow Theatre of Musicals, which just opened earlier this year, has decided to offer half price tickets to shows in order to inspire theatregoers to get out and experience the musicals.

This is the first theatre in Moscow to offer such discounted tickets just ahead of each performance. So far the young theatre only has one production, Time is Not Chosen, but others are in the works.

Musicals, which are famous on broadway, are rather new in Russia, having only been on the scene for about a decade. So it's understandable the the public needs some new incentive to inspire them to get and and experience something out of their culture norms in classical ballet and opera.

The idea for such half priced tickets came from Broadway itself. The practice has been ongoing in Times Square since 1968!

So get out in Moscow and see a broadway style musical for half price!