Cheap Hotel and Disneyland

  • access_time28 October, 2011

Inexpensive 3-star hotels and a Disneyland like theme park planned for Moscow!

In an effort to attract more foreign tourists to Moscow, the government is planning to build more inexpensive 3-star hotels throughout the city. Surprisingly, Moscow doesn't recieve many foreign or Russian tourists as would be though. For example, domestic tourism within Russia grows slower in Moscow than in Russia's third largest city Nizhny Novgorod.

Currently moscow has loads of luxury 5-star hotels, but lacks in the area of 3-star hotel for budget travelers. In 2010 Moscow was recognized for having the world's most expensive hotels for the sixth consecutive year, averaging $415 per night!

Additionally, Moscow loses out to other European cities becuase there are fewer places to visit. With this in mind, Moscow is considering building a Russian Disneyland to help attract more foreign visitors to the city. Moscow is one of the only major captials that does not have its own theme park. According to Forbes magazine, the four Disneylands in Paris, Tokyo, Florida, and California are the most visited places in the world.

So keep your eyes open in the near future for cheaper hotels and a Russian Disneyland!