Bridges in St. Petersburg

  • access_time5 April, 2012

St. Petersburg's bridges set to start opening at night on April 10th!

The city of St. Petersburg has announced that the summer navigation season will begin in the city starting from the 10th of April, which means the bridges connecting St. Petersburg's many islands will be raised during the night to allow ships to pass.

St. Petersburg's bridges are probably some of the most famous in the world. One of the classic postcard photos from St. Petersburg depicts the Palace Bridge drawn during the summer white nights with the Peter and Paul Fortress in the background.

Not only are the bridges famous among tourist, but they are equally famous among local residents of St. Petersburg, but for very different reasons! As tourists awe at the beauty of the drawn bridges at night, city resident resent the bridges for the transportation troubles that they cause at night. A problem for St. Petersburg residents, but a beauty and joy for St. Petersburg tourists.

Seeing the open bridges at night during summer when the city is lit all night by the famous white nights is a true beauty, and although locals have some issues with not being able to get home after a night out partying, they too will admit to how beautiful it actually is!